The Atom Project

Apply today to become a Community Moderator on Polywork, helping to shape the future of how your industry uses our professional network.


How it works

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What is the
Atom Project?

At the heart of Polywork is our growing community, and every community needs guidance. Community Moderators provide this guidance on Polywork.

More than traditional moderators, our Community Moderators will be responsible for every aspect of how the people in their industry use Polywork. From defining the badges users can earn to the tags they use to the rules of engagement.

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What’s involved in the application process?

The application is a short 2-minute Google form. Your submission will then be reviewed, and if selected, you will be invited for a 30 minute chat over Zoom.

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Who can

We are looking for experienced professionals who are super passionate about their industry and its evolution. If you happen to also be a big fan of the #FutureOfWork and think that the world’s current professional networks are broken, that’s an added bonus. 
There is a 2 hr/month commitment (compensated) Community Moderator commitment.

Our Community

Meet some of our existing Atom Project Advisors.
Dantley Davis
Chief Design Officer, Twitter
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Adelle Charles
Former VP of Design, Bitly
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Emily Kager
Mobile Engineer, Uber
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Cassidy Williams
Principal Dev. Experience Engineer, Netlify
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Ali Spittel
Senior Developer Advocate, AWS Amplify
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Brian Lovin
Staff Product Designer, Github
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Kelly Vaughn
Founder + CEO, The Taproom
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Vlad Georgescu
Head of Design, MainStreet
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Fonz Morris
Lead Product Designer, Netflix
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Annie Bombanie
UI/UX Developer, Pastel
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Idan Gazit
Director of Research, Github
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Tamás Deme
Mixed Reality Engineer, VIM
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PG Gonni
Product Designer, Field Effect
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Dr. Corey Smith
Scientist, Decision Sciences, Epsilon
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Michelle Feng
Frontend Software Engineer,
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Keaton Taylor
Senior Product Designer, Backyard
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Michael Gagliano
Data Scientist, Hallmark Cards, Inc.
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Philip John Basile
Lead Front-End Vue.js Developer & Architect, Trellis Software
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João Salgueiro
Software Developer
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